Sonos Move Chargers

  • 9 August 2021
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Curious if anyone has tried any of the following to charge their Sonos Move. There is no mention of these products working with the Sonos Move in the description or Q&A and I know the Sonos Move is fussy so I was hoping to get someone to confirm which, if any, to purchase:


Charger 1

Charger 2

Charger 3

Charger 4


Thanks in advance.


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1 reply

I don’t know much about the chargers listed, but if it helps you at all, these are the actual ‘Move’ charger requirements…

  • The power adapter must be "USB-C PD".
  • Recommended rating 45 watts or greater. The PD source must output either 20V/2.25A (or higher current) or 15V/3A (or higher current).
  • Some 36 Watt chargers may work however, charging speed is expected to be reduced if listening to audio at the same time.
  • 36 Watt chargers must output a minimum 12V/3A or 15V/2.4A. Anything less than these requirements will not power nor charge the Move.