SONOS integration with Denon AVR for multizone audio

  • 7 December 2017
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New to sonos having recently purchased a PLAYBAR and PLAY1 for my main living room tv and dining area. I am enjoying the ease of use. I need some help on integrating sonos into my new pool house and dedicated media room. I have very limited knowledge of AV equipment. Brief description of setup-with a goal of 3 audio zones:

ZONE 1: Media room with Denon AVR X3400H and 5. 1 surround set up (not using sonos speakers for the surround set up). Denon AVR output to projector and outdoor tv. Cable box, DVD player, and Roku input to receiver. Sonos CONNECT hooked up to AVR-*see below

ZONE 2: outdoor tv, one pair of outdoor speakers( wired into closet in media room). Outdoor speakers powered by CONNECT:AMP

ZONE 3: 2 pairs of in ceiling speakers indoors in the pool house-but separate from media room (again wired to av closet in media room). In ceiling speakers powered by CONNECT:AMP

My goals are:

1) Be able to stream music from sonos app to one or any combination of the audio zones
2) Receive audio output from Denon AVR to speakers in zone 2, zone 3, or zone 2 + zone 3

*My plan was to use hook up a sonos connect to the Denon AVR. I'm unsure about which cords/connectors to use. Best I can tell my plan was to: 1) run optical audio from Line out on connect to input on Denon AVR and 2) RCA cable from Zone 2 out on Denon AVR to line in on connect.

I believe this would allow me to make a wireless bridge from the CONNECT at the Denon AVR, to the other sonos components and allow them to play the audio inputs coming from the DENON AVR.

Will this set up work? Anything I've missed or is there a better way to accomplish my goals? Appreciate any help.

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I would hook the digital output of the Connect to one of the optical inputs of the Denon (like #2 CD). Unless you are using those from any of your other devices - but I think you are just using HDMI for all your other audio. If the optical inputs are being used - use one of the analog inputs from the Connect analog output (such as to GAME). I would hook the analog Pre-out marked as Front (beside zone 2). However, if you want to be able to select one output to outside and other room and be able to play something different in Media room then you could use the Zone2 output set (if you use Zone 2 output set you have to turn on Zone 2 on your receiver and set Zone 2 to what you want to output to outside/pool.

You should be in good shape then. Let me know if you need anything clarified.