Sonos Headphones

  • 10 January 2017
  • 3 replies

Just a suggestion for wireless headphones. It would be cool if someone could walk around their house or where ever they are connected to wifi and steam any source of music that is listed on the controller to their headphones. The headphones would charge from a headphone hanger/dock and when ever you take them off you would resort to the prompting the user to select a source of music. They could also be used for a personal home theater like when one is watching a movie and they keep it playing to make some food or get something. They would be connected to the connect amp in order to get the home theater. Just a suggestion in case someone at Sonos would sees this. Feel free to message or comment on this post about the idea or to critique it. I will do some research into the whole idea to see if it is all possible.

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3 replies

I'd encourage you to take a few moments to do a search on this in these boards, and read all the prior comments on this subject.
Ahhhh I see now. Took your advise and did a little search: From the replies I see that Sonos isn't considered a media player but as a controller. Makes much more sense now.
You now have my respect, Pawleys.

It's not an uncommon desire, these headphones things, but gets complex when you think about the method by which Sonos actually works. But thank you for doing the research!