Sonos Connect or Play5 for Vinyl?

  • 29 December 2016
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Hey guys,

I recently got two Play:1 speakers and wanted to be able to play my turntable/vinyl directly to them. I went out and bought a Connect (various websites pointed to this as a solution), but am having second thoughts now as the Play:5 is about $150 more, but can connect a turntable and be a great sound boost/addition.

I am noticing that I am getting some drop outs while using the turntable with the Connect. Is a turntable connected directly to a Play:5 more reliable? I currently have no pre-existing amp/speakers that I can connect to the Connect. Would it be worth it to fork out the extra cash and grab the Play5 so that I can play vinyl in addition to using it with my existing Play:1s? Or are there other features that the Connect offers that I am overlooking? Just want to be sure I've made the right decision...

Thanks in advance.

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3 replies

Connect the preamp outputs to the Connect line-in. Connect the Connect line-out to the Zeppelin AUX in. Adjust the line-in level on the Connect to a desired level, set the Autoplay to on so it plays when it senses input. Enjoy.
The Connect offer a theoretical advantage of allowing the use of an external DAC that some believe delivers better quality sound. But in your set up, that is not applicable.

In practice, the 5 unit is a better buy from a value point of view, for the precise reasons you have identified.

Both will work just as well with a turntable - the line in socket on both is functionally identical, so you first want to see how to get the turntable working properly with a Connect.

Towards that end, please describe your set up in terms of what, if any unit, is wired to the router and whether you are running the line in in compressed mode or not.

Once the Connect works ok with the TT, a play 5 should be a drop in replacement.
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I have just received a connect for Christmas and would love to know if I can connect my rega Vinyl deck to this via the rega font a2d pre-amp. Also is it also possible to connect this setup to a Zeppelin powered speaker ?