Sonos Connect is missing digital audio input

  • 25 November 2012
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Why doesn't the Sonos Connect support digital input so that you can use it to attach e.g. Play-3 speakers and the SUB to a TV? Every modern TV utilizes HDMI and Optical Output and you can find less and less dual RCA cable output. Yes, the Sonos Connect has a simple mini jack to dual RCA which I could use but I really don't want to try to watch movies that way. I am willing put put the money down for a good solution but it appears that there is none. I fear I have to take back the SUB and the connect. Do you know of any solution to this? Thanks!

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63 replies

I would like this as well, my whole house is wired for optical connections to my TVs and home theater systems, we need a way to connect an optical input to Sonos. It appears this is all that is missing for me to go "all in" to Sonos.
Yep - I had the same problem. My old amp had a toslink digital optical out. I used Gefen TV Digital Audio Decoder. This will take one input of toslink digital optical or a digital coax and outputs 2 RCA analog outputs which went to a sonos audio input.
Michael - It is obvious that adapters to convert from optical to RCA are widely available. This issue is audio latency and if a device inserted in between the video/audio device and the Sonos will add a measurably significant latency as to be detected by most people. I have two sources of video/audio that I would like to use the Sonos system to play the audio while the video is displayed on the LCD. I will most likely get an optical to RCA adapter, but why is it not easier for Sonos to add a optical input to the system?
I also would like to have a digital audio-in option on the connect.
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I would suggest Sonos to design a I/O unit with digital toslink and HDMI, to be used Eg. For input from TV sound to Sonos, or as digital output from Sonos to larger high Quality HiFi units ( no offence Sonos - i use all your units with pleasure ). I use Play5 as Soundbar for a Samsung TV that only support HeadphoneJack and Digital out.
Seems that today's introduced Playbar does support digital line in. Would be good to also consider this for the connect.
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+1 for a digital input for the next generation Connect.
Yes, the connect is missing a digital input. Take my money! If I am not mistaken, Sonos wants to provide simple solutions. Then, why do you make it so hard to get digital sources playing on Sonos speakers?
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I agree. I like to watch the news on my television but cannot hear it when I have to go into my kitchen. I purchased a PLAY5 (and a bridge) for my kitchen without doing my homework as I naively thought Sonos would have considered it a no brainer to supply a digital input. Now I am stuck without the functionality I had wished for and I am facing having to buy a Connect with no digital input so its a dilemma. I suppose its impossible to put a digital input in the bridge.
I agree its a lack of foresight. I want to stream home theater to my Play5 in the kitchen. I wonder about Digital Input for the Bridge also.
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Think this feature has been under consideration for too long!? Vote for this:
Yes please for the optical in. Bluray movies on ps3 connected to sonos wont play in 2.0 sound.
It's completely stupid.  I want ONE item to play my iPod and my television on. NOT three... which is probably what SONOS wants to sell you rather than add 50 cents worth of hardware to their devices.
I would love to buy one but I am just not going to do it if it isn't a single solution. 
I don't want an ugly black sound bar in my living room. I just want to connect my Apple TV to some decent audio output, and Connect and a pair of Play 3's would seem ideal, if it wasn't for this one little thing. And while at it, why not add two digital audio inputs?

Now I'm forced to look for options like Onkyo Envision Cinem LS3100.
+1 for a digital input for the next generation Connect and Connect Amp
+1 for a digital input for the next generation Connect and Connect Amp
+1 for hdmi on a new bridge or connect
+1 for HDMI in/out on Sonos Bridge and Connect.  I would love to be able to control the volume on my AV receiver directly (after DAC conversion!).  Please include CEC control.
Not a single digital input into any of the Sonos components is a gaping hole in their product line.  No go for me until this is addressed.
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Not a single digital input into any of the Sonos components is a gaping hole in their product line.  
Playbar has digital input (optical) - multiple sources can be used with TV as switchbox or external optical or hdmi with optical switchbox.
+ 1 for the digital input. I was investigating this issue and I have noticed that nothing has been done so far from Sonos side. New competitors are pressing, see the Samsung Link Mate WAM270 for Samsung Multiroom line. What are the Sonos guys doing?
This has keep me from buying a PLAY 5, an analog signal is not acceptable for a $400 speaker. 
+1 for Digital inputs on Connect and Connect Amp. This is a basic feature that has stopped me from buying Sonos as well. I have also been badmouthing Sonos to friends for this reason! Please update these very soon.