Sonos Connect and record player

  • 29 November 2020
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I have a sonos connect hooked up to a vintage Curtis Mathes record player/radio console. I have 2 other sonos speakers (play 1) in other rooms that are on opposite ends of my place. I am able to stream wireless services (Spotify, etc) through all speakers, including the Curtis Mathes and it sounds amazing. 

I would love to be able to play records wirelessly throughout my place, but I am unable to get the songs to play through the play 1 speakers, when I’m using the Line In setting and play records through the console.

It seems I get some type of signal, because there is a buzzing that comes through the play 1 speakers that isn’t usually there, but no songs.

Is there something I’m missing? Are the devices too far away from one another? Is it possible that these two pieces of equipment don’t communicate in the way I’d hoped?


Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!




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1 reply

The Sonos is expecting a line level input, which is generated by almost every device made, except for turntables. They put out a ‘phono’ level, which is substantially quieter. I suspect in you put a pre-amp in between your turntable and the Sonos, you’ll like resolve the issue.