Sonos Connect AMP With Bose Freespace 51 (pair)

  • 15 May 2017
  • 2 replies

Just bought the Sonos amp and Bose Freespace 51's for outside in the backyard. The Sound at low volume seems to be very very low, at like 20% you can barely hear it. When I turn it up to say 75% it sounds very good but wondering why or if I can do anything to adjust this? The Bose are 8ohm, I notice the amp output is higher at lower ohms, is there a way to phase the speakers to get more output?

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2 replies

Do nothing; all is well. Unlike most modern amps that deliver their power early in the range of their volume control knob, the Connect Amp utilises the full range of motion of its volume control slider. Played at 100% volume it still delivers a distortion free music signal. It does run hot, so make sure it is kept in a ventilated space indoors, and enjoy the music.
That said, one way to get more sound at lower volume levels is to relocate the speakers closer to the listening area. See about doing this if practical to do so.
More to think about:
1. If your speaker wires are too thin for the distance they run, you will lose signal quality and strength - Bose user manuals usually include speaker thickness recommendations for the distance to be run.
2. These speakers are designed to be inside the listening area, not at the edge of it firing in towards it as many wall mounted speakers are. The 360 degree design is meant for that and may be an opportunity to do what I suggested in terms of reducing the listening distance to them.