Sonos Ceiling & 5.1

  • 5 January 2024
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Hi everyone,


Looking for some help confirming whether I can achieve a setup that might work well, or not!


We recently renovated and I put 4 Sonos ceiling speakers in the open plan kitchen. We have a TV at one end and a corner sofa, and 2 of the 4 ceiling speakers are above and just behind the sofa. 


Can I use 2 of the 4 to make up a 5.1 setup with a sub and soundbar with the TV?


Would there be any issues or trade offs doing this, if it is possible?


Thanks in advance for any guidance!


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4 replies

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Ah brilliant thank you!

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Yes, you will be able to group the home theater setup and the second Amp together and play the same music out of all of the speakers at the same time.

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Ah, right OK so I’d need a second Amp. 

Assume that I could still group the 4 together to play music in the kitchen, which is its main use case. 

Thank you. 

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Yes, two of the in-ceiling speakers can be powered by a Sonos Amp and used as surround speakers with a Sonos sound bar and subwoofer to create a home theater setup.

If you want to use the other two in-ceiling speakers, you need to get a separate Sonos Amp to power those.