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  • 26 February 2017
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how do u connect sonos boost to your speakers if already connected to the sonos bridge

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6 replies

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Hmmm I hope this helps address your question:

... the Boost, like the bridge, enables the creation of a separate wireless network (referred to as "SonosNet") that your Sonos devices can connect to. This occurs when you have any one Sonos device wired to your router with an ethernet cable.

You don't need to physically connect the speakers to a boost.

Are you wanting to replace the bridge? Or simply add the Boost to your network for greater SonosNet wireless range?

When you add the Boost to your network in the controller app, you will be asked if you want to use it by connecting it to the router, or as an independent mesh network extension. If the latter... it just needs to be plugged in - nothing need physically connect to it at all.
I want to add it to the bridge to boost the signal. can the boost be put in another room away from the connect??
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I'm going to assume you have the bridge currently plugged into your router to establish the SonosNet setup (also called a "boost" setup)?

Others can chime in here of course, but I'd replace the bridge in this case with the Boost. It is a more robust wireless product and I suspect will improve your wireless experience/signal substantially just as a replacement.

Then the bridge, can be used, if needed, as a tool to help extend your SonosNet mesh network where you may need it. It can be simply placed on its own and plugged into a wall. (Like if you had a long hallway down to the back of your house where you had a single Sonos Product that wasn't connecting well... you could plug in the bridge halfway down the hallway.)
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I agree with sharkb8t. Plug the boost in to the router. Then unplug the bridge. If you need improved coverage on Sonosnet then put the bridge plugged just into wall half way between the areas of your house you want to cover better from the bridge to other Sonos units. If you expand on how your house is laid out with Sonos units and the issue you were having that led you to get boost that would help us give you better info.
My bridge is in the basement. My sonos 5 is used alot outdoors in the summer!! Just trying how to get the best signals.
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If the bridge is currently connected to your router and is the source of the SonosNet connectivity, replace it with the Boost.

If you want to see before and after system connectivity, lookup the IP of one of your speakers in your router and you can use the "Network Matrix" found on your players at the below address to see connectivity at a point in time... perhaps look at it with the bridge connected and then again after replacing so you can see the change.