Sonos App for Apple TV 4

  • 31 October 2015
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63 replies

Great point, Tyler. Sadly, one of the most important assets to any of the streaming service providers is the mountain of data on their customer's listening behavior, which is solid gold to advertisers. Not sure how I feel about being a pawn, but that's the sacrifice we make for the ability to call up any song, any time!
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Definitely think an Apple TV App would work well, even if it was a "Now Playing" pop up similar to the one you can pop out of the Sonos controller on Windows 10. Quite often I will be using my iPad and the TV is the secondary device playing music. It makes sense to have the Sonos attached to the device you are not actively using sometimes. It would allow others in the room the ability to change music without interfering with what I am doing.
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i want this ASAP. as well as better integration for airplay to be better integrated such that it takes better advantage of Sonos for a better audio experience.
Yes please. Let's have a Apple TV app. With Sonos we have "candy" for our ears. Lets have the same for our eyes. When we have guest over. We have a ipad showing whats is playing. Let's go all in.
+1 for app
Since I don't have an iPad but do have an apple TV I would like a controller app on there as well...
I finally found a cool Apple TV controller app, I have been using it for about a month and so far
it works great:
Bump! Still valid!
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I tried Suono yesterday on my Apple TV: looks pretty in the Store so I paid my $5 and it fails immediately on startup. Complains that some other app is using multicast. Ridiculous, so what, a properly written app shouldn't care? Then I read their FAQ and they don't even support Boosts! i will try and get a refund, I cannot remotely recommend this until they add some kind of free-preview mode.
Have you tried TunesMap. It looks really nice.
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Yes, an AppleTv 4th gen app would be a no brainier.
One essential piece of it would be to allow the speakers connected to the AppleTv system be selectable as an output destination.
There is no reason not to do this other than internal politics (i.e. They don't want to risk loosing Play Bar sales by allowing the speakers connected to the AppleTv to be a output destination)

This. My only source for content is an Apple TV 4K and I'm quite happy with it. But would also want to be able to elect speakers.
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This would be fantastic!
Please, make a Sonos app for the Apple TV.

Or, if Sonos does not have enough resources, contract the app to a 3rd party developer? I wouldn't mind paying $5 for the app
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You can pay $5 for Suono right now. It didn't work for me, but it might work for you.