Sonos and Legrand OnQ LyriQ whole house system

  • 26 February 2017
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I have brought my Sonos system into a new home already fitted with a Legrand OnQ Cat5 LyriQ whole house sounds system. I have four areas served by this system including an outdoor, covered deck - the system seems to use a line in signal which is amplified at each location through an amp built into the wall control. Getting support from Legrand on this system has been an exercise in futility. What I'm wondering is if I need a Connect or a Connect:Amp for this system to stream music to these non-Sonos areas? My instinct tells me its a Connect only, but I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with a similar system - past whole house systems I had needed to be amplified at the source which was then connected to the whole house speaker selector, not this one.

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7 replies

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I'm going to answer my own question here if only because I made the leap and have the solution . With the Legrand OnQ LyriQ system you only need a Sonos Connect - I hooked up the connect to my single source port of the Legrand, then used ethernet to hook up the Connect to the internet and bang! Sound in every room in the house that had the OnQ system. Sounds great and I can control it with my phone and/or with the in wall controls. I'll admit I was concerned about dropping nearly $500 without the informed opinion of either Sonos or Legrand (Sonos could not say and Legrand have lousy customer service), but I'm glad I did.
Well, thank you most kindly for coming back and letting us know. You may have been the first person to actually attempt this. I certainly didn't have any concrete information to provide.

Appreciate leaving the data for others to find!
Hi Exocet,

I have probably the same set up as your self. The Legrand system was put in by the house builders band they really don't have a clue how it works either.

My friend has just had a Sonos system in his house and it works great. So I'm trying to make the most of my system I have installed.

My single source point is behind my TV and connected to it. So the main hub of everything is my TV - as in all the audio from my Apple TV, My Satellite (Sky) box all goes via the TV.

My problem is that I have to have the TV on to use the system. I could just have the Apple TV connected to the single source but then I can't use Legrand for the TV.

Is there a way I can make it all work without turning the TV on?

I don't own a Sonos yet but it maybe the path I take.

Thanks in advance.
Exocet, thanks for the really helpful post. Can you please confirm whether you needed a Sonos CONNECT or the CONNECT AMP? Much appreciated!
Exocet, I have the exact same set up but the Connect is not working on my speakers. Can you tell me anymore about how you got it to play through your OnQ system and any ideas? Thanks!
RCA cables go from the ‘Single Source’ to the Audio OUT jacks on the Sonos Connect. All should work fine.
Thanks for the information. Has anyone used the Connect with the Legrand OnQ LyriQ multi-source successfully in order to use their other sources?