Sonos Amp to power 70V QSC AD-C6T?

  • 12 January 2023
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I have a client with two 70v in each of their restrooms that are run in series. We originally planned on using the Sonos speakers but were unaware of what’s currently there. Am I able to power 4 QSC AD-C6T speakers as shown below? Thank you in advance! I’m guessing that may run into issues with the fact that the output is stereo and that a Port is a better option but was hoping to not have to change our order. 

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1 reply

Are you sure that the speakers are wired in series? This would be very unusual in a 70V system. You can test this by disconnecting one speaker in the string. If both speakers mute, then they are wired in series. If you don’t currently have an amplifier, you can use a flashlight battery cell as your source. The speakers will “pop” at the instant the cell is connected.

If the speakers in each string are wired in parallel and configured for 16-Ohms, you’ll still be able to achieve the full 60W rated output for each speaker.

Note that there is a mono setting for AMP’s output.