Sonos:amp + B&W 686 s2 or Dali Zensor 1 speakers

  • 30 May 2017
  • 2 replies

I am planning to buy a Sonos:Amp + speakers for my dining room. My local dealer is selling the amp bundled with speakers with app 40% off the amp. That means that I can overspend a little on the speakers if I stick with Dali og B&W speakers. The speakers will be wall-mounted in a room roughly 3,5 x 5 meters. I have narrowed it down to the Dali Zensor 1 (often paired with Sonos:Amp here in Norway) and the B&W 686 s2. Checked out the Zensor 3´s as well, but they seem to deep to be wall-mounted. The B&W´s are front-ported which should be an advantage when wall-mounting them. Both sounded good in the shop but I am leaning towards the B&W. Does anyone have any experience in matching Sonos:Amp with b&w speakers? The 686´s has a much lower sensitivity-rating than the Dalis, is that a problem? Any other thoughts?

PS: This is going to be a second system, I have a pair of Xeo 4´s and a connect in the living room.

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2 replies

I have a Zensor 1 pair, and I am a fan; great sound and value for money. I believe Dali says they can be wall mounted, although they have a rear port.

But if you like the 686 sound, get them; being a dining room, I assume they will not be too far away from listeners and their lower sensitivity will then not be an issue.

But I also have a play 1 pair that sounds just as good as the Zensor 1s; I suggest that solution as well. The little 1 units in stereo mode are HiFi speakers.
Knowing Dynaudio stand mounts, though not your specific model, I can see a 5 pair, wall mounted using something like :
and with Trueplay done on them to optimise the sound to the placement, give them a run for the money.
But a 1 pair, similarly installed, will also surprise you with its sound.