Smart Home Sonos setup?

  • 26 November 2016
  • 6 replies

Is there a way to integrate Sonos with a Wink Hub2? I want to connect it to my Ring door bell since I already have eight Play 1's all through out my house including a Connect Amp with outdoor speakers. I want to make sure I can hear my door Bell no matter where I am from home. Also by integrating with Wink, I was hoping to connect it to Alexa or something similar so I can give my Sonos voice commands like I do with my Xbox One and Kinect. Is this all possible?

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6 replies

I really don't want to buy extra Ring doorbell speakers if Sonos can do this already. I'm all for saving energy and moving towards a complete smart home. Cheers.
I don't know about Wink, but I have my Play1 integrated with Smartthings Hub and have my hacked "dumb" bell ringing to the speaker.
How did you hack it?
I basically installed a Door Sensor inside the Door bell which has an electromagnet activated when someone rings.
When someone rings at the door, it triggers the electromagnet, and the door sensor detects the magnetic field, sends a notification to Smartthings which sends a notification to my phone sends a message or a sound file to the Sonos speakers.

I also configured Smarthings to play a Text to speech to the Sonos when a door open, or motion on the patio...
Very flexible, I love it.

Pretty sure you could do the same with the Ring doorbell too.
Sounds incredible! How did you set that up?
Look at this thread on SmatThings community portal: