Select multiple rooms for line in auto play

  • 20 January 2014
  • 2 replies

I'm connecting a 3rd party communication controller to my Sonos system to use a door chime and paging feature.  This device has an RCA analog output that I connected to the line in on one of my  connects.  When the door bell is pressed the Sonos goes to the line in and plays the chime.  Would it be possible to select multiple rooms for the auto play instead of only one.  I know you can group rooms together and allow for groups in the auto play but that is not a fixed setting as the customer will change the group setting. I have done a work around for some rooms by using a 1 in 4 out analog audio amp and connected the comm controller to 4 Sonos connects.  This helps but I have a few connects that are in a different location that I can't get a wire to.  Also it would be nice to have the Sonos connect jump back to previous source with a 10 or 20 delay after the auto play source is off.  The way it is now if the doorbell rings the music stops to play door chime then I need to reselect my music source.
I install a lot of sonos systems and as a music system it is great but I also like to give my customers paging and doorphone options using Sonos.  If this feature can be added it would allow me to sell more Sonos systems. As of now I need to use other systems to give my customers this functionality.   I have been testing out this idea on my own system to come up with a marketable solution.

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2 replies

I agree 100%, I am about to knock up a small wireless device to input a audio tone in too the autoplay port, but really I want it to play in all zones, then the zones go back to what ever grouping they had and music they where playing.
I have seen equipment that can do this after the sonos, basically a unit between the sonos and amp for speakers, means you need one for each speaker set
This is no good for me as I have invested in 7 Connect:Amps not Connects. 
if Sonos would just release a hardware button (pref on the Sonosnet) this could just send a trigger to play a pre-set door bell noise (maybe have a few to pick from) and then revert everything back to before the button was pressed.
I would be willing to pay up to £100 for one, maybe even more so long as it resumes after.
Hi, I'd really like to be able to select multiple rooms for auto play too. Include Groups in my house doesn't seem to work - probably because I have an alarm set each day for one Play5 which I guess ungroups them.

+1 from me!