Replacing multiple Connects with multiple Ports


Currently I have a Bridge and 2 Connects powering 2 different amps directly (wired), one is located downstairs and the other upstairs. Often I group them together to play the same music throughout the house. This has always worked great.

To upgrade it seems that I should purchase 2 Ports (doing away with all 3 prior components). My question is can I use my existing wifi for each Port and still group them together without latency or do I need to connect one Port to my modem (over ethernet) and the first amp and set up a Sonos wireless network for the other Port to use and connect it to my second amp? Or is either solution viable?



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Either solution is viable. When one (or more) device is directly connected, you’re running SonosNet, when none of the devices are directly connected, you’re running on wifi. It’s mostly a question of where you want the music data to be carried. 

You will have the same “latency” with PORT as you have had with CONNECT.

BRIDGE has always been optional and is useful when dealing with difficult wireless conditions. If you can wire one or more players, you probably don’t need BRIDGE. Note that BRIDGE is approaching end of life, particularly it’s power supply. If you need BRIDGE for some reason, replacing it with BOOST would be prudent -- but you could wait until BRIDGE starts causing issues then replace it. If you can measure voltage, the BRIDGE supply should put out slightly over 5.0V.

For small systems WiFi is a viable alternative to SonosNet.

BRIDGE is not compatible with S2, PORT and BOOST are compatible with S2.

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You could also replace the Bridge with a Boost and keep your current configuration.

That really gains you nothing unless it is difficult to wire one of the Ports to Ethernet.


Thank you for your answers.

With Bridge and 2 Connects on SonosNet I have not experienced latency issues when both Connects are grouped. 

My aim is to upgrade to S2.

It seems easiest to set up 2 Ports on Wifi, one for each amp. That that’s where my latency concern lies.

If will be hard for me to hardwire one of the Ports directly to my modem, but I was thinking I could connect “directly” through my electrical wires using Netgear or a similar product (this has been 24x7 reliable for a Raspberry Pi product I have).

There should be no latency concerns there.

Sonos tends not to like things like “extenders” for wifi, so I’d stick with plain wifi connections. 

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I’d also say avoid extenders too, the Boost would be a much better option.

You could try using your WiFi and see how it goes and order a Boost if you see issues.

I’m lazy, the Boost isn’t expensive and is zero aggravation. Plus you’d keep the exact networking that is working for you now, just newer versions of the hardware and wireless protocols.


Ah, Stanley_4, you are saying Boost + 2 Ports = Bridge + 2 Connects. That makes sense and is great information. Thank you.

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Exactly, the Boost is a modern, and S2 comparable upgrade, of the obsolete Bridge.

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Not that I would not want the extra sales for Sonos, but why would you want to upgrade when everything you own is in perfect wording order?

Not that I would not want the extra sales for Sonos, but why would you want to upgrade when everything you own is in perfect wording order?

This is definitely a question worth asking. @jtaylor - What are you looking to gain?  Why do you want to upgrade to S2?  Do you know if your Connects are gen 1 or gen2?  You should be able to check in your Sonos online account.  Or, look at the labels - there is a four digit code in the format YYMM.  What are these numbers on your devices?


@John B I have other Sonos devices that only work with S2. So I am always switching back and forth between S1 and S2. I am looking to consolidate. For the record, I do not yet have to upgrade (my Connects are Gen1), but eventually my hand will be forced.

Thanks again all for all the helpful and timely comments!

Apologies if I am labouring this, but which devices do you have that only work with S2, as none is listed in your profile?


@John B I have 2 Play5’s, 2 Moves and shortly Amp + 2 wall speakers. These are in different locations than I previously specified. In any case, as you mentioned, there is no reason I “have” to upgrade at this time. But in making my choice I had questions that were nicely answered here.