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  • 19 December 2023
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I’ve had my Sonos for some years now, it would appear that the BOOST is becoming unstable and is cutting off connection for seconds at a time.   I believe that I can remove BOOST from the system and connect one of the SONOS speakers direct to my Hub and then have all the Sonos products link to the wired device.   Is this a fairly simple process??


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6 replies

Disconnect the Boost from the router and remove power.

Wire the speaker to the router instead and plug it in. 

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I don’t need to re-link any of the speakers to the the hard wired product?

No. Just give the system a minute or two to automatically settle down.

Whatever you do, do not factory reset anything.

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Thanks for your help - really useful

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Hi @HarryW52 

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Just one more pointer on top of the excellent advice @ratty has given you - the most common reason for this issue is a partially faulty ethernet cable (the fault can come and go with slight movement or temperature changes). If you continue to have the same issue with a speaker wired to ethernet instead of the Boost, consider swapping the ethernet cable for another.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks for the responses.   As it turns out, my Soundbar was the culprit not the BOOST.  All fixed now.