Power supply to speakers

  • 9 November 2016
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Hi guys,

I'm new to sonos but really happy to be part of the community.

So far I've got sound bar, play 1s and sub. I notice these are powered up
Individually with plug. My question is can these be left plugged in 24/7
For long periods of time or do they need to be turned off when not in use.

Thanks for support



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4 replies

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All Sonos equipment is designed to be left on 24/7, so just plug in and leave.
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Consensus on here is these can be left powered on, like you would a router, they go into sleep mode when music paused.
The beauty of sonos is then 1 press of pause button on top and streamed music/radio resumes instantly.
They are meant to be powered up at all times. They enter a lower powered state a few seconds after the audio ceases. If you were to leave for a long time on vacation or such, you may want to power them down, otherwise, they are meant to stay on and waiting to play.
Thanks guys for info.