Poor Customer Service - SANUS speaker stand faulty

At the beginning of May I purchased two SANUS speaker stands for my SL One’s.  

One of the speaker stands has a faulty part as in the base does not screw into the upright - it’s poorly manufactured.

Since receiving the item and trying to set it up I’ve been back and forth with SONOS to have a replacement sent.  It’s now been 4 weeks! and I’ve still not had a replacement sent or the correct returns procedure given to me.

Is SONOS service always this poor?????

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This is Sanus Stands, which are not a Sonos product.  Is there a customer support number for Sanus themselves?



Correct, they’re not a SONOS product but they were purchased from SONOS so I’d expect a replacement from SONOS. 


I would still give Sanus a direct call. They may assist. 

Not trying to get into a debate but I don’t see why I should be calling Sanus. They’re just going to tell me to call SONOS.

It’s the equivalent of buying a faulty Samsung TV from a High St shop and then trying to return the faulty TV to Samsung.

I’ve now raised two escalations with SONOS 👿 and had nothing back.

I have no idea what documentation came in your box, but it seems the majority of stuff I buy these days says to contact the manufacturer if there are missing parts or other issues, not to call the retailer.  Probably because the retailer can’t send you the missing parts or address the issue typically, all the can do is exchange for a new one and send the old, possibly broken, item back to manufacturer….which is the much more expensive option for the manufacturer.


But again, I have no idea what the documentation in your Sanus box says.

By all means take a stand on principle. I was trying to offer a pragmatic and practical suggestion which might cut straight to the eventual solution.