Playing the TV sound through Sonos speakers (Play 1), the speakers are currently connected to Sonos Port

  • 21 January 2021
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We built our house with a media/data/com room. I currently have a Sonos Port hard-wired to my router and connected to my whole home stereo receiver inside the media room. In another room I have two sonos (Play 1) speakers that play music from the Port, also in the same room as the speakers I have a tv that is connected to my home wireless network. What is the easiest way, (or is it possible) to play my TV sound wirelessly through the speakers in the same room? Running a separate cable from the TV to the Sonos-Port is not an option. 

Thanks! Ronnie

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4 replies

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As far as I know, there is not a way to get your TV audio to play out of your pair of Play:1s without adding another Sonos product like a Beam, Arc, or Amp that you can connect to your TV.

So Like I said those speakers play from a Sonos “Port” currently…...wait I have several questions or clarifications that I need to make.

  1. With the setup the way I mentioned, you are saying that I can use a Beam, Arc, or Amp connected to my tv, then I can play my tv sound on the same 2 speakers?
  2. I guess the only other question which I should’ve just asked first…. anyway, Can two separate devices send sound to one pair of speakers? And if so, can that damage them or if its already playing something, does the other device not allow you to play music on the speakers (in use)?
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1. If you connected your TV to a Sonos Arc or Beam, you could group it with your Play:1s so they would play the same audio from your TV (although you might experience a slight audio delay). But the better option would be using your Play:1s as rear surround speakers. An Arc or Beam plus two Play:1s as surrounds would give you a 5.0 home theater system that you could also use to play your music from your Port/stereo receiver. Add a Sub and you would have a full 5.1 system.

2. Your Port is playing music through your Play:1s because you have them grouped together, correct? If you were to connect your TV to an Arc or Beam, you would just ungroup the Port and the Play:1s and do what I mentioned above to play the TV audio out of your Play:1s.

Gotcha, does it matter, or shall I say; which do you prefer the arc or beam? I’ll give that a try