No option to set up new system

  • 2 October 2016
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Hi everyone, I am trying to set up a new system with the Play1 that I purchased. I have downloaded the Sonos app on an iPhone 4 with operating system 7.1.2 but when I open it only one option shows - "Connect to an existing system." I have tried deleting the app and installing it again, but get the same result. Thinking it might be the phone, I tried downloading the app on my daughter's iPad but again there is only one option showing - to connect to an existing system.
Before doing this I had connected the speaker to the power source and it showed the white light then the flashing green light as described by the Sonos support pages.
I have searched through the help pages but I've not found any comments on this problem.
Your help, please?

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4 replies

The latest Sonos software version (6.4) doesn't fully support iOS 7. In particular the setup functions are no longer present. You'd need iOS 8 or higher.
Thanks ratty. A thought then - would it work for someone else in the household (who has iOS 8 or later) to set up the system and then I could use my iPhone to connect to that system to run the SONOS speaker?
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Yes use a desktop computer or ios8 to set it up then use your app from there.
Thanks Chris, I'll give that a try.