Multiple Sonos devices on one network, not linked

  • 11 October 2016
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I have recently moved to a college where there is one wifi network for everyone to use. A couple of people have added their Sonos to this network already, which means that I can't add my Spotify account to the network. It is quite annoying that the others are able to control my Sonos, and I am able to control theirs, since I sometimes accidentally select the wrong one, and they do the same. How do I get my Sonos on its own network/channel so that only I can control my Sonos, and my Spotify account can be added to the network?

Thank you!

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3 replies

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Add your own router in the middle with its name and password and connect to that.
Yes, if they allow it, a cheap travel router will do what you wish.

Why don't you set your Sonos up as a separate system (what Sonos calls a 'household')? It sounds like all the Sonos players are part of the same system. If your Sonos player and controller(s) were a separate system then (a) you could do what you like as far as Spotify accounts go, (b) you'd only control your player and not the other ones, and (c) the other people couldn't control your Sonos unless you allow them to come and press hardware buttons on it first.

To do this you'll have to factory reset your Sonos units and reset your controller(s). Then simply set it up as a new system. Note the warnings in the FAQ about losing any Sonos Playlists.