More than one Sub in the same room and with one playbar????

  • 1 January 2017
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Can you use 2 subs in one room?

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4 replies

Can you use 2 subs in one room?
With one PLAYBAR? No.

You'd have to have another Sonos 'room', to which the second SUB was bonded, and group it with the PLAYBAR. For TV sound the grouped room would be out of sync with the PLAYBAR.
Ratty, thx. Will it work seamlessly? and how do you group it with the playbar exactly?
The same way you group any other rooms. Hit the Group button and add the required rooms.

The second SUB couldn't exist on its own. It would need to be bonded with some other room, i.e. a PLAY unit or CONNECT:AMP. You could then group that room with the PLAYBAR's room.

As I say, this will be all fine and dandy for music sources, but for TV sound the grouped room won't be in sync with the PLAYBAR.

Basically this is all a generally Bad Idea, and IMO you should forget it. You don't need two SUBs. One is quite sufficient to frighten the neighbours.
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That is the beauty of Sonos, you can play all the speakers together or each on separate.

You can Stereo pair two like speakers. i.e. 2x Play1s

You can bond a Sub and Surrounds to the PlayBar

You can Group the speakers together and play them all seamless.