Model Information in Chinese or Japanese. No information in English

  • 22 April 2017
  • 3 replies

I purchased a Sonos system from a local home theater company. Everything works fine, but when I was cleaning I noticed that the model information on the Connect:Amp and Sub are in Chinese or Japanese script. There is no information in English. I suspect the same is true of the SoundBar, but I didn't pull it down to check. The connection information (speakers, ethernet switch, analog audio) is in English.
Anyone seen this before? Are these gray market/counterfeit? I was charged full US retail.
I have reached out to Sonos for their position on this matter.
Any input or common experience with this issue would be appreciated.

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3 replies

I think your best bet would be to call in to Sonos and chat with someone on the phone. They would be able to run the serial numbers and confirm that they're "real" equipment. Or deny, as the case may be.
I had already reached out to Sonos. While waiting, was curious if anyone else had same issue.
My question arose after I looked at the Connect:Amp photos on the webpage.
Sonos advised that all components are "Designed in US: Manufactured in China" and, upon reviewing the photos I sent, confirmed that my components are factory standard. This was borne out by looking at the Connect:Amp on the Sonos website. The model information there is in Chinese.
How or why BestBuy changes the model information to English remains a mystery. Factory standard is Chinese.
Thanks for your input.
Interesting. Now I'll have to look at my devices, most of which were purchased from Best Buy as open stock. Honestly, I'd never paid attention.