Lots of speakers stolen

  • 22 December 2016
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Two nights ago, I had a Playbar, a Play:3, and 3 Play:1s stolen from my apartment. The police are working on the case with the serial numbers provided (yeah right), but I think I read somewhere that perhaps my account info, like Spotify and Google information might be stored in the speakers. Is that accurate? What steps should I take to protect myself?

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3 replies

You should change your passwords to those accounts, and to your account here at Sonos. There is no chance of them being able to sign into your accounts and get personal data, because the passwords are hidden. But they can still use the accounts to stream music, and you would not want that.
If those speakers get added to another Sonos system (possibly by an innocent purchaser), would Sonos be able to see they had been registered to that system? Might that give a trail?
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Many services don't have password info stored, but instead have a token that is used to allow access to your account on the service. I know that Google uses such a token-based system, and I'm pretty sure that Spotify does as well.

For some sites, changing your password will invalidate the token. Other sites offer an option in the account/security/privacy section to simply revoke all tokens, requiring you to re-log in on all of your various devices again.

I'm sure the police can contact Sonos and find out if your speakers have been connected to the internet since the theft, then could contact the internet provider they connected from and track them down.