List of "Works with Sonos" DACs and streamers?

  • 24 October 2022
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I am looking for a high quality DAC/Preamp that will play nicely with Sonos. In particular, it would be great if it was “Works with Sonos” certified. I see based on that site, that the Onkyo, Pioneer Elite, and Integra A/V receivers have this capability. However, those are way overkill in terms of features for my 2 channel setup and often have less than stellar DAC chip implementations anyway.

Quite by accident I discovered that Meridian actually integrates “works with sonos” in their high end Dac / Digital preamps - which is great! But before I go buy one of their units, are there any other similar “high end” vendors that also integrate with Sonos?


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3 replies

I’m not sure there are any others than the ones mentioned, but not really my area of knowledge - the list of manufacturers offering ‘works with Sonos’ are here it seems:

Sonos products are, functionally, steamers, and incorporate DACs that are as good as are needed, for what the ears can deal with.

You will need a phono preamp to use a turntable with Sonos, but why would you want to duplicate the other capabilities that Sonos already has?

Indeed, if you do not want a turntable, and want to confer streaming capability on a single 2 channel set up, even an Echo Dot will do that for you. High end in the world of digital audio now just means high price without corresponding value delivered.

Does anyone have any experience on the use of a iFi Audio Zen DAC Signature with either Sonos Amp or Port?