• 22 May 2017
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Hey guys. Just like the title states, I understand there is lip sync issues when streaming media and sonos is a "go to" kind of system. With that said, can I connect my laptop to tv via hdmi and from tv to sonos surround playbar via optical ?? Will I get true surround sound ? Thanks!

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3 replies

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in theory, possibly ... as this is no different from how a lot of people use playbar

the Issue will be if your TV supports dolby digital passthrough, mine does not and it seems that most don't.

do a search of your TV to see if it supports passthough.
If you don't have passthrough, you could get an HDMI audio extractor that will pass the video on to the TV using HDMI but extract the audio to optical. If you need to play other sources besides the laptop, you would need to look at HDMI switches with optical out. Or add a digital optical switch to the HDMI extractor.
I'll look into my tv and see if it does a pass through. And I'll also see if the hdmi extractor can benefit me. I have a vizio m60-c3.