is there a way to connect Play 1 to my iMac & make it an output speaker?

  • 30 December 2016
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I have a desktop iMac and would like Sonos Play 1 to be the output speaker. Any way to do this? ie. via Airport Extreme or some other way?
Checking to see if Sonos has updated Play 1 to include this feature. From much older posts I've found so far, it seems that I'd have to keep my computer speaker setup for playing movies or You Tube videos etc. from my iMac. And use Sonos as a separate system for playing Sonos playlists, Apple Music etc.......But maybe Sonos has updated?.
Could someone please let me know? Thanks!
Also, is there a Sonos solution for this?

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5 replies

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The short answer is... no. There are Sonos products that have a 'line in' - like the Play 5. But using a Play 1 like a computer speaker, something a lot of people would like to do actually, isn't an option today as far as I know.
OK, thanks!
What about the SONOS Advanced Settings window where it says "Wireless Setup" - to configure my Sonos system to run on my local wireless network..... What does this do?
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Your Sonos system does run on your wireless network. Essentially you can think of the Sonos speakers as permanently connected wireless devices. They stream audio content from whatever source you tell them to go to. Unlike a traditional sound system speaker that plays what ever signal is pushed to them, the Sonos devices are 'smart' devices that go get the Audio they play.... Your computer, or tablet, or cell phone, controllers simply enable you to control what plays and where they 'go' to get the audio.... that could be a music library on your computer, or on a network storage device, or a service like Apple Music. The wireless setup is to configure details around the speaker's connection to your wifi router so it works and is set up... hope that helps.
OK, thanks again......