Is Sonos Coming to the Connectivity Table?

  • 21 November 2016
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It seems to be that countless people have asked for connectivity between their Echo devices and the Sonos CONTROLLER and Sonos has been slow to respond. Sure you can connect a DOT to a Connect or a Speaker "big deal" you could always do that. I have 3 Dots and a Echo. I also have Sonos through out my house and I like listening to Sonos when I go to bed, but instead find myself using my Dot and a Bluetooth speaker, because I can't control my Sonos with the Amazon Dot on my bed stand. Sonos users want voice control of their Sonos systems, I understand Sonos is working on that, but it should have been done a year ago. Get us something, now and enhance it later.

"Alexa play music for meditation on my Sonos system." "Alexa set Sonos sleep timer for 30 minutes." "Alexa play my podcast on my Sonos system." etc.

The Amazon Echo and Google Home are not competitors, they will be enhancers of the Sonos system. If I were in the market now, I wouldn't buy a Sonos system, because it doesn't interact with my other system, so the sooner this is done the better.

Do you Agree?

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12 replies

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Oh wow. Your way behind on info. Sonos announced over a month ago they have partnered with Amazon and will be private testing end of this year with expected release of full skill set early next year for echo.
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This article had some good info on what may look like
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As Chris said, good news for you, it's coming. And it's going to more than just a skill. You can also find our press release on the subject here.
And thankfully Sonos isn't a "rush it out quick, fix it later and tarnish our reputation" sort of company,, as the OP seems to want. I'd rather wait a little longer and have Sonos get it right.
And google home?...
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I would assume the alexa work would give them leg up on Google home implementation...but I wouldn't expect it real soon if it does come. I would only count on Alexa.
Yeah I assumed the same thing, it will take a long time if at all.
I am looking for an official answer from Sonos.
Given that I own 2 connects and 3 Amps and only one Sonos speaker, there seems to be little value in staying with Sonos just for same wifi and music VS. using my Alexas and Google Homes with my AVRs and Cast, and just put the Sonos gear on Ebay as other have suggested.
Just disappointed that Sonos went from cutting edge to behind. I was expecting an update now, not in a year or never. Who knows, maybe Sonos hopes Apple will buy them, so they can't make friends with Google.
1) If you own Alexa equipped products, why would you get rid of the one multi-room audio system that has announced a full integration with Alexa? As a side note, I'd hardly call the first multi-room system with voice control integration being "left behind." Your use of that description is puzzling.

2) Why would you assume Sonos will not do the same integration with Google Home? Even if they didn't, why not fully support Alexa instead? Google's track record with multi-room speakers is not the best. Their last attempt was a colossal failure.

It sounds to me like you are looking for any reason, real or imagined, to justify ditching Sonos. Which is fine, but it's really confusing to those looking at it objectively.
1) Sonos integration with Alexa is not even out yet, so it's obviously not "the first multi-room system with voice control integration". My current voice controlled Google Homes multi-room with voice control very well. Your false claim is puzzling.

2) I'm making the assumption Sonos might not work with Google home, given Denon dropped out of Cast with Google, and the Alexa Sonos implementation is late, especially given they would have likely been given early access, and thus they are already late on Google, so I don't see a commitment from Sonos.
A track record is in the past, Google's current multi-room speakers work fine. "Why not support Alexa instead?", because picking music with Alexa is currently like talking to a robot via command prompt from the 80's. Selecting music with 'Google Home is conversational'.

Nope you're wrong, I'm not looking for any reason to ditch the Sonos at all, I'm looking for a reason to keep Sonos and not put them in a box or have the hassle of selling and shipping them. Sorry you're confused, *I* am looking at it very objectively, I have tested all these devices in various basic configurations and with IFTTT to see what it might be like when/if they integrate, and worked some with the Google API that came out a few weeks ago, and again obviously Sonos would likely be part of Google homes private early access program of the API that was available last May. This isn't about early adoption, I really see Sonos as behind now. I do hope they catch up and surpass.
Another reason I don't have much confidence is how terrible the Sonos app is. The UX is way out of date and clunky. The app is so important now in a smart home.
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Sound from a Google home and Sonos is a far cry different. I personally like the Sonos application and consider its universal search a major advantage.

Denon - yea they promised Google and then let all their customers down. Sonos doesn't do that

If you think Sonos is going to respond with any information on a future Google home support you are sadly mistaken. They don't make promises until they are ready to deliver
Sonos' Alexa implementation is late? Funny, they announced it was coming in 2017.

And Chris is correct, you are not going to get an answer from Sonos about any future integration with Google Home. If that is the only thing keeping you from selling your Sonos, it's time to put it on eBay, because it's not coming. Sounds like your decision is made.
I agree the sound is way better on Sonos speakers, but I only have one sonos speaker, the rest of the Sonos gear are Amps and Connects, so Google Home casting would just use the same speakers on my AVRs, thus the quandary whether to wait and hope for Sonos, or move on and have the voice setup I want and could build now.
Yeah, I didn't think Sonos would give an answer, Sonos seem secretive like Apple. Hopefully Sonos is secretly working now on Google Home integration.