Integrating sonos into existing surround sound speakers and amp

  • 11 April 2017
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I understand that I can convert my existing wired speakers to Sonos with a Sonos connect device however I can't find info about how to connect an existing five speaker (5.1 surround driven by an existing Yamaha receiver/amp) to sonos. Can this be done and maintain 5.1 ? Is it as simple as using a sonos connect along side my amp? I also have other existing in ceiling speakers in other parts of the house and realize to integrate them to sonos app for zone control I need more sonos connects but that's another topic (as well as adding sonos speakers for new zones etc). For now it's about my ability to use sonos to drive my existing 5 speaker sourround system. Th for any help.

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3 replies

Hi. Provided your Yamaha has a suitable free input connection you can urn that receiver into a Sonos music streamer. The Connect has digital optical, digital coaxial and RCA analogue outputs, so there is plenty of choice.

The Connect does stereo, not 5.1, but presumably you would use your existing 5.1 set up for the TV so you don't need the Connect to be 5.1.

Depending on what sources you want to play through the Connect to your amplifier, you might find a Chromecast device will do what you want at much lower cost. But if you want to go whole-home Sonos then there is a case for getting the Connect.

You say you need more Connects for the in-ceiling speakers. Unless those are powered speakers or you have other means of amplification, what you would need would be Connect:Amps, not Connects.
thx for the qk response John.. Yes, its a new Yamaha 7.1 amp I would therefore use the 5.1 via the amp. Just to be clear, how would this appear on my sonos app to control the volume as 1 speaker or 5? Related, I have 2.1 channels left to use for the rest of my speakers either sonos or wired then when used, I must add sonos connect amps based on the limitations of the speakers, etc.. At the end of the day I want to have one place to control all my speakers and select which ones to group, etc (say I want to hear TV source in my entire house for instance). Last question, I have multiple sources like Apple TV, iTunes, TV, Pandora, Net Radio, and would I select a source..would it be from the Sonos app or the Yamaha app? Thanks!
The Sonos app will only show stuff that involves Sonos, and so watching TV and using the Yamaha speakers for sound won't appear at all in the Sonos controller (except see next paragraph). If you use Pandora and Spotify apps on your TV the same applies. But you could add Pandora and Spotify accounts to your Sonos system and play from there instead (or use Spotify Connect through Sonos).

If you want to listen to the TV throughout the house then you will need a suitable audio OUTPUT from the receiver INTO the Connect's analogue RCA line-in.

With some AV receivers the audio processing applied by the receiver can create sync issues with Sonos speakers. Often that audio processing can be turned off but it depends on the receiver. Just a possibility you should be aware of.

For a true all-Sonos one-control experience your 5.1 set up would have been a Sonos one. I'm not saying that you should have gone down that route though.