Integrated SONOSNet 2.0 Extender

  • 15 November 2016
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I was over on the B & H Photo web site and I was looking at the SONOS Subwoofer. It indicated that the Sub now includes "Integrated SONOSNet 2.0 Extender". I then when to the SONOS website and see no reference to this "New" stuff. I also noticed on the B&H site that they had discontinued Subs. Could someone please explain what changed and why the new is better?

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3 replies

Sounds to me like meaningless garbage on the B&H website, but I could be wrong. The consistent message from Sonos has been that any changes to the Sub are purely cosmetic. Anyone know differently?
Nothing changed, and every Sonos device made is an "Integrated SONOSNet 2.0 Extender" because every device is capable of extending the Sonosnet 2.0 mesh. Sounds like someone got a little wordy with the product description. The only things new about the Sonos Sub are purely cosmetic, including a new white colored model.
"Integrated SONOSNet 2.0 Extender"? All Sonos devices automatically extend the SonosNet wireless mesh network. They always have.

As for the SUB, nothing's changed functionally since release. There were recently some cosmetic modifications (darker edge to the central port, smaller logo) and a white SUB was introduced. Some retailers have spun this as '2nd Generation' but it isn't.