I would like to be on the Amazon Alexa Beta if possible.

  • 27 December 2016
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See Title - I have no idea what other way to let them know.

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34 replies

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Interesting perspective. I've always thought of Sonos as being as mainstream/consumer oriented as possible, and not attempting to be "High Fidelity" beyond what was necessary. Hence their lack of DTS/Hi Res, etc.

I guess I've been following Sonos since the beginning. Originally it was just Connects and Connect:amps. And it's price kept it in more of the Audiophile world. I had hoped that they would introduce products that went beyond the present 16/44.1 limit. And I understand it's about the convenience, that's what drew me in the first place. I just wish they had people working on options for 24/96, a set of really nice speakers above the Play 5. I did appreciate that they replaced the bridge with the boost.
Yea, I can see that perspective, too, especially with their early products. I came a bit later, when they did a product give-away at a concert that a friend attended, so my perspective may not be as deep. On the other hand, I'm also not saying that they are cheap consumer crap...I appreciate the fact that they're well constructed and have outstanding sound given the size/price. I've always been a fan of intelligently crafted products (Porsche, Apple, Sonos all seem to fit in that mode in my mind), but I still think that they're attempting to appeal to the mass market with ease of use/install, rather than what I consider to be a more niche group of audiophiles. I've always been a borderline audiophile, looking in the windows with drool on my chin, but never able to afford it, so I'm quite pleased with the quality that I get from Sonos. And no, I'm not in the "we need HiRes" camp, I'm actually pleased with what they have right now. My ears can't tell the difference between the two, and consequently I don't feel the need to spend dollars to support that. But I also recognize that others may be different, and can hear the difference.

I've wandered far afield, I fear. Thanks for the discussion 🙂
Hi I have a couple Sonos pieces and I am an avid Amazon users. I really love the sound quality of my Sonos but Alexa is just so easy to use with the voice control and AI technology. I would love to be part of the Beta group test for this integration or perhaps a AI voice control unique to Sonos. Is there an update on this integration happening? The last I heard the Alexa and Sonos integration would roll out this month - March 2017.
Not sure where you heard that, it hasn't been in any of the "official" channels that I've seen. They continue to be mum about the progress, so we likely won't know when it hits "beta" until they actually release it to beta. Whether or not that is as part of the current beta being tested, or after what they have in beta right now is released, it's hard to know. But I'm sure that as soon as they do release it to beta, everyone will be notified in the Announcements area, and there may well be quite a few posts scattered all over these boards.

But probably one way to be in the vanguard of all of this is to be in the current beta, making sure that you understand how it works, and the appropriate methods to deal with it.

Patience, grasshopper 🙂
I would really like to be a part of the beta testing group for Sonos x Alexa integration. I currently have 5 play 1's, 5 play 3's, 1 play 1 a PlayBar and the subwoofer song with 3 echo dots.
I would utilize this technology daily... can't wait for the release!
I would like to be in the Amazon Alexa beta test. I have Echo and 5 echo dots along with several Play 1s, Play 3, Playbar and
The Amazon Alexa integration went live many months ago, and is part of the current software.....
Interesting. I cannot seem to get Alexa to even understand the word Sonos.

See below link:

Setting up Amazon Alexa on Sonos