How does the Connect component work regarding volume

  • 1 April 2023
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I have Sonos amps and speakers installed throughout the house.  In one room the Sonos Connect is installed so that I can listen to music through my higher-end stereo system.  

The Connect is connected to a Pre/Pro controller via a coax cable.  When listening to music though this set up I have to greatly increase the volume on the pre/pro and also have to increase the volume on the Sonos app to get to normal listening levels.  How do I change settings within Sonos so that I don’t have to increase the volume so much?

ALSO, and this is the crazy part,  when adjusting the volume I inadvertently turned off my 5 channel power amp but I could still hear the music coming out of my speakers.   How is that possible? If I change the input on the pre/pro to my laptop and use Windows Media Player to play a song and I turn off the power amp there’s no music.

Thanks in advance for any help and guidance.


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3 replies

I think I have solved the problem.  I changed the setting for that room to “pass through” and now it’s not necessary to increase the volume to unreasonable levels.

This comes under the heading of learning something new everyday.  Apparently music going to the power amp is buffered.  If you leave the amp off long enough the music stops.  I had no idea.

I still need help regarding volume.  I have to turn the volume up way to high to get normal listening levels.


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Is the line-out level set to Fixed or Variable?