How does my Sonos Amp work with my STRAZ1000ES Receiver?

  • 21 November 2023
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I currently have a whole house audio system with 6 Sonos Amps.  In two of those rooms, I have a separate TV/Audio/Speaker setup with their own speakers tied to Sony STRAZ1000ES receivers.  All the Sonos amp as well as the STRAZ1000ES receivers are all nicely stacked in one location.  I know the STRAZ1000ES has the “Works with Sonos” feature but for the life of me I do not understand it.  Can someone provide direction and/or feasibility to do two things that I would love to accomplish with these lovely items. 

  1. I would love to watch the TV and have the audio play through the whole house audio (Sonos Amps).  I see the TV Line in option on the Sonos app but from what I understand it is only available if I’m using a sound bar option?
  2. Is there a way to play the audio that is playing through the whole house audio through the STRAZ1000ES at the same time?  I assume this is what the “Works with Sonos” is all about but cannot figure it out.  Plus, since the receiver acts as my main audio player for the tv, every time I try to activate the feature on the receiver, when I turn the whole house audio on, next time the tv is turned on, the receiver is left on the input the feature it switches it too and thus the TV sound is off.   Since it is in a remote location, this is very frustrating. 

Any suggestions on either?


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Hi @gnoju 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

“Works with Sonos” does not mean that third-party devices can stream to or from Sonos devices in the way that other Sonos devices can. Although documentation on the feature is sparse, I believe it is more about control signals being exchanged. For example, if you had a Port feeding one of your inputs on your amplifiers, you could use the Sonos app to adjust the volume on the amplifier.

In regards to your specific points:

  1. If your Sony amplifiers have line-out, you could connect this to a Sonos Amp line-in. Note, however, that you would only receive stereo audio and there will be an input delay of at least 75 milliseconds as the Amp buffers the feed for synchronised (with other Sonos devices) network playback. Or, connect an Amp to HDMI-ARC of a TV, but please note in this case that this Amp will play immediately (to sync with TV picture), leaving other Amps behind again. Grouping TV audio is not supported for this reason (but it can work in ideal network conditions).
  2. Install a Sonos Port for each Sony amplifier - line out on Port to line in on amplifier. As long as the Sony amplifiers don’t do any processing, they should stay in sync with your Sonos system. “Works with Sonos” will allow you to adjust the volume of the Sony amp from within the Sonos app. I can’t speak for any behaviour of the Sony amps once you turn other inputs on.

I hope this helps.

Thank you, will need to play with the line in on (1) as the TV is in a remote location and there is an extender on the HDMI sending the signal to the receiver for the sound and thus in use to power the 5.1 setup.  For (2), since the amps and the receivers are in the same remote location, does that line-in work as a line-out as well where I can output the signal directly to the receiver when ever it is being played?  Hate to spend the $$$ on a port if I didn’t need to…  thanks again.

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Hi @gnoju 

Amp does not have a line-out, no. Port is the only device we make that’s fitted with line-out.

I hope this helps.

Thank you