Home wifi mesh aka Google wifi, BT whole home wifi

  • 18 April 2017
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Has anyone tried it with sonos any issues. Thanks

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3 replies

Hi Thedeea

Generally you should be ok as long as you run your system in a Boost setup ( with at least one Sonos device wired directly to the router).

We have customers using Linksys's Velop system , Netgears Orbi System and Google Wifi and Eero.

Personally I'd go with a non ISP system.

The thing that trips a lot of people up is they end up running two DHCP servers and thus two different networks which can't talk to each outher, because they leave the DHCP Server running either on the mesh system or on the main router.

We'd normally suggest to run the Mesh System in Bridge Mode and let the main router deal with the DHCP.

I hope this helps

Many thanks
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Of the systems you mention "Linksys Velop, Netgear Orbi, Google Wifi and Eero which would you recommend for use with Sonos and a Drayteck 2860n router?
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I have Sonos and Google Wifi running in two different locations, both with Comcast Xfinity modem/router. In one location it was a snap. I hooked up Google Wifi and then enabled Bridge mode on the router. I was then able to find my google mesh wifi and run Sonos. I do use a Sonos Bridge which has to be hooked up via ethernet directly to the third input in the Google Wifi unit that is connected directly to the router.

In my second location I did the same thing, but for some reason, when I went into the router to enable bridge mode I lost my internet access. I had to call Comcast and have them turn off the wifi from their location directly on my router. Once they did that my Google Wifi network was running fine and accessing the Internet. I then hooked up Sonos from the bridge to the Google unit but it was not working. I then rebooted all of my Sonos units and it started to work fine.

The reason to enable bridge mode in the first place is so you dont have two different wifi networks competing with each other. Once you get rid of Comcast wifi, you should only have the Google mesh network to contend with. I just wish I could get rid of Comcast totally. 😃