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  • 19 February 2023
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Hi I’m looking to see what I need and any recommendations for equipment? I’m looking for Arc and Sub plus 2 x monitor audio ceiling speakers as well as ceiling subwoofer? What other equipment do I need? I also have wired internet connection to amp and anything else that needs it.




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12 replies

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If this is for a home theater setup, you need the Arc, Sub, and Amp to power the two in-ceiling speakers. The in-ceiling subwoofer cannot be used in a Sonos home theater setup. But you can add a second Sonos Sub as long as one of them is a Sub (Gen 3).

Hi Ty GuitarSuperstar. There’s cat6 cable at TV for wired connection as well as network hub. Tbh I’m a complete newbie with this. The ceiling has good speaker cables to future proof for when I can afford ceiling speakers ( or side speakers bracket mounted high?} My intent was to get Sonos Arc and Sub Gen 3 to kick off setup. Question is would any Sonos speakers be better high up (they’d be at side of sofa 4/5ft above and more or less in line with edges of sofa as opposed to monitor audio ceiling speakers (don’t know which ones are best from monitor audio?} Would I be able to have Sonos speakers without an Amp? A YouTube video also suggested, as you said, that you can have 2 Subs

Yes home theater

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You can get a pair of in-ceiling (or in-wall) speakers to use as surrounds and power them with a Sonos Amp. OR a cheaper option is getting a pair of Sonos One SLs and use them as surrounds. The One SLs don’t require an Amp. 

Ty again your help’s been invaluable 

Hi, right I’ve gone mad! I’ve bought 1 x Sonos Arc, 1 x Sub Gen 3 and 2 x Sonos Five. Yes I’m ridiculously over budget and I’m all YouTubed out! Some of the guys on YouTube are amazing. Owe it all though to GuitarSuperstar who started the ball rolling 😀 and some great advice. I’ve got a really big room but it has different ceiling heights, I’ve run Cat6 cables to each of the Fives which are positioned close to the ceiling on tilt brackets (not purchased yet as vary greatly if any suggestions for UK?), there’s also power socket. I’ve also ran Cat 6 cables to Sub Gen 3 (I’ve ran 2 for either end in front of main seating area as I might buy subsequent Sub Gen 3 as seen on YouTube?) Is it true that “Trueplay” configures the whole system for you without you tweaking all settings? As I said it’s fully cabled as I read that this is best way for Sonos to create “Sonosnet”?? Or is wi-fi better?



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If you wire anything, it really only needs to be the Arc. The Sub and surrounds are designed to communicate wirelessly with the Arc.

Trueplay will optimize your system in your particular room, but you can still adjust the settings to your liking even after performing Trueplay tuning.

Hi ty again. Would it make any difference if all wired? Was thinking if Internet went down however suppose wouldn't make any difference to WiFi?

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Since you have one Sonos wired all but the Move and Roam will be using your Sonosnet instead of your WiFi.

Depending on just what you mean by “Internet down” the answer differs. But if your WiFi goes down you’d need a wired Controller to manage what is being played.


At one point here I had my Sub and Surrounds wired, saw some oddness and it was suggested I disconnect them. Oddness went away and I’ve never bothered to re-connect them.

Hi Ty Stanley_4 I’ve yet to set it up as builders still at it! Would sonosnet not be recognised wired Wi-Fi? I’m lost that wired connection would be inferior to Wi-Fi as it carries more?


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Sonosnet wireless is a signal that is nearly WiFi, so most WiFi monitors won’t show it.

No such animal as wired WiFi as that is the format of the RF signal, not the data being carried..

It isn’t a case of “inferior” but more suitable to the purpose. The Sonos link to Sub and Surrounds is a low latency 5 GHz signal, folks with more experience than I suggested using it over wired links for them. As I said, it worked for me but feel free to experiment.

I have all the main (non Sub/Surround) Sonos here that can easily be wired connected to my Ethernet, they each add a node that the un-wired Sonos main speakers can connect to giving me a more robust network.


Ty will try that