Headphones with Sonos

  • 22 July 2016
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I have a Sonos Soundbar and two PLAY 1s connected via my broadband router, which also connects to my PC holding digitised CDs. Is there any way I can connect headphones to listen to internet radio and my CDs instead of through the speakers?

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5 replies

I can't think of any way to do this using Sonos, but you could just use headphones direct from the PC, either wired or Bluetooth, using a music player and TuneIn direct. You can't use the Sonos app, of course, and I assume that's what you wanted. But I think there is no alternative.

Well, you could pick up a gen1 P:5, which has a headphone jack.
If it just your own music tracks and internet radio you are wanting to hear you can accomplish this without your Sonos.
In an android context you would:
* load the free TuneIn Radio app onto your phone or tablet to listen from 100,000+ radio stations
* and load the Bubbleupnp app to listen to your music ... you also need something on your PC to index and serve up your music ... an example would be the Pro version of MediaMonkey ... if a NAS is on your forward plan this functionality will typically come as part of the package.... you would looking for a NAS with a DLNA Server
If I get a generation 1 Play 5 with headphone output, can anyone recommend a good headphones for classical music, preferably wireless that will not interfere with the Sonos?
In my experience the headphone outlet on a PLAY:5 Gen1 is a little bit noisy (hiss). If you're looking for a pre-owned unit and quality matters I would suggest a used ZP80 or ZP90/CONNECT. You can then use the analog outs -- or the digital outs if the wireless 'phones support it -- to drive the base station.

Personally I prefer Sennheiser. The current RS1x5 wireless models raise the ambient RF noise level for Sonos players, but they seem to be able to cope. The previous range would upset Sonos.
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