Flexson Play 5 (Gen2) Desktop Stand

  • 31 August 2016
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I didn't see this anywhere else in the community. If it's already listed somewhere feel free to remove it. For anyone who is using their Play 5 Gen 2 speakers without floor stands and have them setting on a desk or counter this newly released Flexson Play 5 (Gen2) Desktop Stand are worth a look.

When I purchased the Sonos Gen2 Play 5’s (configured in stereo pair w/Sonos Sub) no stands were available. Therefore, I purchased two garden style Marble Top Tables (27.75 H x 10.75 W x 10.75 D / Marble Top 0.5 H x 11 W x 11 D). Measurements are in inches.

By the time Flexson introduced upright stands for the Play 5 Gen2 speaker I’d resigned myself to stick with the Marble Top Tables (which my wife liked better anyway). Then I happened upon the Flexson Desk Top Stands for the Play 5. IMO they are well built and sturdy. Capable of sustaining the angle you set them to under the weight of a Play 5 Gen2 speaker. They even have a laser cut finish that exposes the aluminum which runs across the leading edge of the base that’s about .0125-H that adds a nice accent look.

Do they improve the sound stage...IMO, YES!

I have a full review with my impressions beyond the Flexson press release, if anyone is interested.

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2 replies

I didn't want to pay $99 for a desk stand so I bought Kanto desk speaker stands and put them together instead. Sounds great and only cost $25!
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Now you've got me motivated to try an experiment 🙂