Feature request: option to disable Line-In Latency/Delay on Sonos Five

  • 1 January 2022
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Hi Sonos team,

This has been requested before, but after extensive reading in the fora I could not find a solution or an answer from Sonos about prioritisation of this issue.

Can you please provide an option to disable audio-delay (latency) when a line-in device is used on a single Sonos speaker setup?

In an older conversation all kind of ideas were proposed by the community. There were a couple of things people agreed on:

  • Many people are bothered that a minimal 75 ms latency is enforced. And they would be very happy if Sonos could give an option to disable the 70ms latency. Two use-cases where people encounter the latency-problem:
    • Creative music production (keyboard, dj-mixer)
    • Audio video where the Sonos is used for audio and a laptop/television as screen (for movie watching or video calls).
  • In a setup with 1 Sonos speaker and a line-in device as audio-source, the 70ms latency seems artificial and not dictated by technical limitations (i.e. buffering with multiple wireless Sonos speakers).

This is that thread:


Can you please consider providing options to the user to further reduce latency?


Thanks in advance.

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27 replies

At 100% volume from input to output, all the time? 

No, because it would need to be a physical bypass with volume control and EQ, if the bypass cannot be done via software.

So it would have to be a special model, with an analog path. With either a digitally controlled analog volume or ... a potentiometer. And presumably, to complete the quaint picture, Baxandall analog tone control circuits? 

This really is a full-blown descent of the rabbit hole.

That implies a physical analog bypass. There isn’t one. Besides, the volume control and EQ are all in the digital domain. 


That rules out any kind of physical bypass, for sure.

What I said...