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  • 14 January 2023
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We have a surround system in the living room comprising a Playbar, 2x Play:5s and a Sub.  I realise that Line In is disabled on the Fives in this mode.  However, if I buy an additional Play:Five to hook up to a turntable via its own Line In, can I still add it as a separate Room, and therefore broadcast to other speakers throughout the house? And if so, would either generation Five work?

I don’t really want to go to the expense of adding a Port or Amp, but any other/better suggestions welcome! 

Thanks in advance (Please be kind to a newbie :-)


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9 replies

Yes, and yes.

Thanks @jgatie.   So a gen 1 would have no compatibility issues in the mix, or with the latest app?

A gen 1 will only run S1.  You would not be able to add it to an S2 system, you’d need a newer PLAY:5 gen 2 or a Sonos Five. 

And it’s not clear which you’re running, all the speakers you listed could run either S1 or S2 :)

Thanks for clarifying, @Airgetlam. We’re running S2 :-)

I’ve got a pair of PLAY:5 gen 2 s that are running S2, they’d be ideal for that line in you’re looking for. The S1 only PLAY:5 gen 1 would not. 

Another thing you might think of doing….

Many people feel that Play:5s are more than needed as surround speakers, perhaps even a bit wasted.  You might consider adding two One SLs instead, and use the P:5s as a stereo pair for music.  A stereo pair of Play:5s sounds fantastic.  That would give you two lines in!

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Unless you are listening to music in Full Mode the Fives are really being underused!

For serious music listening I think you’d find a properly positioned pair of Fives would give you a lot better stereo imaging than the Playbar. You could always group them too.

Thanks for your help, folks. After a bit more searching I’ve actually now found a great price online for a new Port, which makes it not that much more expensive than a secondhand Play:5.  We don’t really require another speaker (not a huge amount of space), so the Port seems like a cleaner, simpler, more compact solution…