Exactly How does the ARC communicate with a SONOS AMP to produce rear surrounds?

  • 30 April 2021
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I have a SONOS ARC + SUB  in one room of a LARGE home.

In another part of the home I have a rack of SONOS AMPS driving multi room audio.

I tried adding the AMP driving the ceiling speakers to the room where I installed the SONOS ARC and sub. I cannot get the surrounds to Join…. 

the SONOS tech tells me the ARC uses a 5Ghz band to communicate DIRECTLY with the SONOS AMP for the surround channels.  and that the AMP in the rack must be too far away for this 5GHz signal -coming form the ARC to reach.    Huh? why isnt the ARC the  WIFI network?

I tried hard wiring the ARC and the SONOS AMP to the switch.. still wont join..


any ideas ? what is really happening? do I REALLY need to move the SMP into the same room as the

ARC? - seems strange to have to do this.

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1 reply

Sonos home theatre products use a local, private 5GHz signal to communicate point-to-point directly with their satellites. This is to maintain tight control of latency and preserve picture lip-sync. The working assumption is therefore that the satellites will be in the same room as the master player.

Hardwiring both the Arc and the Amp should also have worked though, depending on the network path between them and whether it’s subject to heavy bursts of cross traffic.