Exact Gen 2 cut in date for Amp

  • 9 January 2022
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I know there are a lot of other threads on this topic, but I seem to be right 'on the line' where it comes to determining the generation of amp I am looking at.

I know gen1 amps have the mute button up until 2013.

2013 to 2015 gen1 had the play/pause button.

Sometime 2015 Gen2 came out.

My question is, what is the cut in date for gen2? I am interested in buying a used Amp with a 1508 (August 2015) serial number. Is this far enough in 2015 to be a Gen 2?? Or could it still be a late production Gen 1?

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3 replies

Hi. I have seen March 2015 mentioned a few times, but I think a user on one past thread had a Feb 2015 device that was gen 2. I think August 2015 is pretty safe but it's at your own risk!

I think it was a fairly clean break.

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Can you ask the current owner to get you the xml file from the device (ie http://ipaddress:1400/xml/device_description.xml )? Or they could run my iOS app (see profile) and as long as the device is hard-wired (does not need to be set up) it will tell them which Gen it is.

I would guess that there wasn’t an ‘end of month’ switching of Gen 1 to Gen 2, nor a recognition that it might make a significant difference later in time, which is why the complexity of the situation. 

As suggested by @controlav there are several options for determining the generation. One that wasn’t mentioned is looking at the system by the current owner, on their account on Sonos.com, which would indicate if it was S1 only, indicating a Gen 1 device, or capable of running S2, which would indicate a Gen 2 device.