Ethernet vs wireless mac address

  • 17 January 2017
  • 3 replies

I live on a school campus with a secured wireless system where I have to register every device I have onto the network with their mac addresses. When connecting, it tells me I need a 12 character line for the address but my sonos products give me 13.

Which character do I drop for the wireless connection and for the wired connection for my sonos?

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3 replies

Drop the last.
See I've dropped the last one and it works for the wireless but I couldn't get it to connect for the Ethernet. Should it be the same as the wireless or not?
If you used the serial number, less the last character, for the wireless then that should work for Ethernet too.

In fact the wireless MAC for SonosNet purposes is +1 with respect to the principal MAC, but the security system (and DHCP server) should just see the main MAC requesting access.