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  • 27 July 2018
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I have recently purchased the CONNECT:AMP and this might sound like a daft question, but I want to know what I can use the Ethernet ports on the back of the CONNECT:AMP for? The obvious answer would be to connect it to the wireless router, but I wondered if you can do more with the Ethernet ports, and why Two ports specifically?

I have looked online and also through the little booklet that came with the system to get a better idea of how I can connect it up, but it doesn't really explain fully, I've tried connecting it to my Apple TV, but it doesn't seem to work.



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4 replies

When used in Boost Setup (meaning at least one Sonos unit is connected to the router via Ethernet), the Ethernet ports can be used as Ethernet connections for other devices. For example, if you have a Connect attached to your A/C receiver, you could hook up your smart TV via the Ethernet connection on the back of the Connect and that would be the TV's connection to your network. But this only works in Boost Setup, in Standard Setup, the Ethernet ports are inactive.
Brilliant, jgatie thanks for explaining. I have it connected via wireless. But that is very handy to know.

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Just a further note though... if the Sonos device is wireless and you're connecting another device to the Ethernet port, the speed may be less than stellar for things like video streaming. SonosNet is optimized for music playback, which is considerably lower in bandwidth usage - maybe 1-1.5 Mbps max for lossless audio, with most compressed music services using around 320 Kbps - versus video that could use 5-6 Mbps for HD video and 25+ Mbps for 4K video.
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I tend to add a small four port GHz switch where I have a wired Sonos component instead of using the Sonos port as an Ethernet expansion port. Gives both devices nearly full speed access.

I wouldn't rule out using one of the Sonos ports for a low usage device where there was no other net connection but it wouldn't be my first option.