Echo Dot and Sonos

  • 20 July 2017
  • 3 replies

I'm currently using an Echo via line in and all works pretty well. Just today though, I've noticed that the Echo is ungrouping my office and kitchen speakers (Echo in kitchen) as the Echo must be sending the odd pulse which is switching the kitchen to the line in input.

Anyone know how to prevent this (save unplugging it which would certainly cure it!)?


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3 replies

Turn off the "autoPlay" setting on the line input that you've got connected to the Echo. That way, it will ignore errant pulses, and only play when you want it to (and not ungroup when you don't)
Thanks Bruce - that would certainly do it, though would lose the functionality of having it automatically work when I call it. Probably as easy to pull the wire out rather than mess around with the menus!

Heh. Your other option is to get in touch with Amazon and ask them why they're sending a pulse out on the line at random times. Unfortunately, it's not, as far as I can divine, a Sonos issue, but an Amazon one. The Sonos is functioning as designed, it's the Echo that isn't.