DJing with Sonos (yet another topic)

  • 4 January 2024
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I've been using Sonos for some time around the house but recently decided I’d like to streamline the sound where my DJ setup is. I got 2x Era 300, Sub, and ran it through Port. The idea was that I could get rid of my amp, wires, and bulky speakers. I set it up and it sounds incredible. That is until I tried to mix and learned about the built-in latency. 

I called support and they recommended getting the line-in adapter and going in directly without Port. That made the situation even worse. The lag is a couple of seconds at least.

I’m hoping someone out there has found a solution to the lag...I really don’t want to return all the gear and start again with something else!


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As you say, the delay is "built in”. There's no way around this with the stuff you have.

Only a soundbar with an optical or hdmi-connection wil have a minimal delay. Even this could be too much for DJ-ing though.

Why on earth Support should have recommended a different Line-In method is utterly beyond me. They all have the same minimum latency of 75ms. Your Era’s Line-In adapter would be the same if you configured it appropriately in room settings.

There is no zero-latency solution. Sonos requires some buffering delay to ensure network transport works and audio doesn’t drop out.