Distorted Sound - Move+Port

  • 14 January 2023
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I am getting distortion from my Move speakers with my Audio Technica turntable (has a preamp)

Connection>AT turntable >Sonos Port (Line In) > Move x2    (Wireless connection)

Also have to turn volume up to + 50 just to get a normal level 


any suggestions?


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2 replies

Check to make sure that pre-amp is working? My guess is that it isn’t, hence both the distortion and volume issue you’re experiencing.

It isn’t  completely clear, but if that pre-amp is built in to the turntable, ensure that the setting it is on is ‘line’ and not ‘phono’. I’ve also seen cases where that switch has been temperamental, it may be worth switching it back and forth a couple of times to clean the contacts inside. 

Quite often when distortion happens the stylus tracking force has been set too low and is perhaps bouncing around the groove.

More style force is needed to keep the stylus in firm contact with the groove the whole time. Too much stylus force can prematurely wear out your vinyl.

Or you may have another problem which is acoustic feedback. The Move speaker(s) are perhaps shaking the furniture and the furniture is shaking the turntable causing the stylus to bounce out.

You can tell the difference if you check with headphones and no speakers. 

To increase the TT volume out, maybe try increasing the line-in ‘source level’ to a higher value in the Sonos Ports ‘room’ settings.