Daisy chaining power?

  • 2 November 2016
  • 6 replies

Has anyone been able to daisy chain two Play1's together as rear speakers? I only have power outlet on one side of the room and I was told by Sonos support that this is possible. However, I can't find a female to female figure 8 power cord to connect the two. Anyone found one of these? Thanks!

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6 replies

Nevermind, found them on Amazon!
I was hoping to mount them on the wall above where I have satellites now. I already have speaker wire running to the far speaker so would just put the power cable there. Makes sense, John B, as there wouldn't be a plug to go to the wall... Can I connect the two using ethernet?

Actually, the extension cable might be the answer for me, thanks! Is there a site to buy from in the states? I searched on Amazon but maybe the wrong keywords?
Yes, John B, they're available here in the States. Oddly, I hadn't thought of those, even though I own some. They're quite useful. 🙂
And / or consider these

I assume there are US equivalents.
Why don't you just use an extension cord to go to half way between the two play ones, and then plug them both in to the extension cord? I'm assuming it would be behind a couch, so it wouldn't be seen, since you do say they're rear speakers.
I'm having difficulty picturing how you would do this. What connects to what and how? Are you sure Support weren't talking about Ethernet connections?