Connecting SVC and DVC speakers to single amp

  • 21 January 2022
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I have a Sonos amp and I want to wire 4 speakers to it. 1 pair of svc speakers in bedroom, 1 dvc speaker in bathroom, 1 dvc speaker in closet. Can the amp handle that? All speakers are 8 ohms.


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5 replies

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As long as they meet Sonos Amp requirements I don’t see an issue. However you will want to set the Amp to mono so that the DVC speakers play the same  audio. In stereo mode you might hear drums in one room and not the other. Also you cannot set the Amp to stream stereo and mono together. 

Ok, so it shouldn’t overload the amp. 

Why would I set to mono? I thought the point of a dvc speaker was that you could run both left and right channels to it and ‘sorta’ play stereo sound?

svc is Single Voice Coil. Just classic left and right speakers for stereo sound. 

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The Amp is not concerned with SVC or DVC speaker design. The Amp has left and right channels for stereo and will send the signal appropriately.

If in the original recording a horn was only present on the left channel that is where the horn would be heard. Therefore if the four speakers are set to stereo pairs (left/right channels) that is how each pair will handle the audio.

So in your scenario if you set the four speakers to stereo pairs the pair that is split into separate rooms may miss an instrument that is only sent to one channel or the other. Setting the Amp to mono insures that each speaker receives all audio. 

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The DVC speakers receive both left and right channels though (assuming they’ve been wired properly — i.e. not as a stereo pair but two individual stereo speakers) so stereo mode should work fine.

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After some thought using DVC speakers require using two channels to wire them properly for maximum output. That said in theory you would wiring 6 speakers (although the actual number is 4) which would possibly overload the Amp. The Sonos Amp can push 6 speakers but only those designed by Sonance as Sonos Architectural speakers. To be sure of the proper wiring and use of the DVC speakers I suggest contacting Sonos Technical Support.