Connecting Port to old Haman Karden HK 3370

  • 12 February 2023
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Bought a Port to connnect my old music system to my Sonos speakers that I uses to stream music (2x Play 1s, 2x Play 5s and 2x Moves). I cant figure out what connnections to make between the Porrt and the  back of the HK. I have now spent about 1.5 hours reading numerrous things on-line and within this community, but can’t fuigure it out. I want to at least play vinyl from my old turntable, old CD player, and old casssette deck, all of which have RCA plug-in jacks on the back of the HK (There are actully 2 sets of Tape Mon jackson on the back).  The back of the HK also has Aux jacks, Main In jacks, Pre Out jacks, and Sub Out jacks. I do not plan to wire any apeakers to the HK, Just want it to stream music from the foregoing devices to my Sonos speakers. Thanks

14 replies

Connect PORT’s Line-In to the 3370’s REC OUT. At this point the 3370 becomes a simple selector switch with a phono preamp built-in. You can select the PORT’s Line-In to play in any combination of SONOS players. I’m not familiar with the 3370, but it was the custom to associate REC OUT with TAPE1.

Thanks Buzz. I will try that. Does this mean that you can’t set up a single port to play multiple analog devices ( turntable, CD player, cassette deck) without unplugging whichever is plugged into the PORT’s Line-In  and plugging in the other analog devise that you want to use? In other words, can I somehow have all 3 of those devices set up to play through the Port to my Sonos speaker with having to plug/unplug things in and out the port?

The receiver will think that it’s dealing with a cassette deck. The input that you select on the receiver will be sent out to be recorded. PORT will offer this signal to all of the SONOS players.

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So you connect all devices to the HK and select the source you want to play. The music from this source wil be sent to the Port that can either be grouped with other speakers or be assigned a preferred speaker to play to.

If there are any passive speakers connected to the HK you could connect the “out” on the Port to the Tape Play on the HK to bring Sonos sources (Spotify etc.) to the HK.


So from those 2 replies I surmise this:

1. Connect Tape Out on HK Amp to Port's In jacks, and  

2. Connect all my old devices (turntable, CD player, cassette deck) to their respective Jack's on the back of the HK Amp.


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Yes. And you could connect the “out” on the Port to the tape in (“Play”) on the HK.

What does connecting the “out” on the Port to the tape in (“Play”) on the HK do? Is it necessary?

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See my previous post: “If there are any passive speakers connected to the HK you could connect the “out” on the Port to the Tape Play on the HK to bring Sonos sources (Spotify etc.) to the HK.”

OK thanks

That worked. But the sound quality isn't that good. I suppose that probably has more to do with the turntable cartridge / stylus quality than Sonos. Any thoughts on that?

The turntable should be connected to “Phono”.

What model turntable and cartridge are you using? What is the tracking force?

The turntable I used to set up the Sonos Port is an old Technics Quartz model SL-Q30, with an Empire cartridge (which says ES 1000LT on the bottom). I am not sure how I even ended up with this turntable and it is not the one I want to use. Instead I want to use my 40+ year old Technics SL-1700 turntable that I used in college. The cartridge on it is an Ortofon OM 20, but the stylus on that broke many years ago. So I guess I need to replace the cartridge (styluses are not replaceable in a cartridge, right)? Any thoughts on the Technics SL-1700 turntable and what a good replacement cartridge might be? Thanks.

Replacement OM20 styli are available. Be sure to purchase from a source that is likely to have fresh stock, not one that’s been sitting for a decade. 

Empire faded from the market in about 1990. I would not trust any styli, “new” or old.

Check that the turntable arm bearings are still free moving.

Thanks a lot Buzz!